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Mission Statement

“The Steve McGirr Charitable Foundations” has been created to assist individuals and their families with the fight against Brain Tumors and Cancer-related illnesses.  We are devoted to providing financial resources to patient’s and their families for treatment-related expenses and to helping people improve their knowledge and understanding of treatment options and cancer-related information.  The Foundation will also support research, healing, and treatment programs that will increase the chances an individual’s survival.


After a year of focal seizures that Steve and his family thought were panic attacks, he was diagnosed with an inoperable Grade II Astrocytoma Brain Tumor in February 2008.  These focal seizures inhibited Steve’s ability to talk from anywhere from 30 seconds to 1 minute on average.  A biopsy was performed to get an exact diagnosis, which eventually led to five different hospitals concluding the same troubling scenario.   Steve decided to start chemotherapy and seizure medication immediately and fought hard to prevail in health.  After 2 years of treatments, his tumor started to grow aggressively, forcing him to discontinue chemo treatments and switch to radiation treatment.  Steve spent six weeks on the radiation medication, finishing in May of 2010.  Those treatments reduced the frequency of his seizures and improved his overall feelings of well-being for months thereafter. He continued his fight with diversified treatment methods, including alternative medicines, acupuncture, massage, and improved diet, which helped prolong his life.

Sadly, on June 17, 2012, Steve lost his battle and passed away at home with his family by his side.  The final couple of years for Steve allowed him to spend time with his girls, Jordan and Peyton, and with his wife, Cindy.  Challenging as dealing with his tumor was, Steve kept his smile big and his love strong for his life-long friends and family.  He was able to take a few adventures that helped strengthen those bonds and lived as happily, optimistically, and lovingly as he always did.  Although he has moved beyond a physical world, his presence is felt by all of us who knew him.  He remains cherished and loved in our hearts and missed deeply by us all!

Steve said, “No matter what happens, my current life experience has given me a strong ability to build relationships, help others, and always get things going.”  He loved spending time with God, his  family, and his friends, and his favorite activities were golf, soccer, rugby, and fly fishing.  Hence, in his name, we will keep “things going” for him on the golf course, and make sure we celebrate his life again in 2014!

Please join us Friday, July 28th, 2017, for the 6th Annual Steve McGirr Charitable Foundation Golf Tournament and Dinner Event.

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